“Mashandy Collection” By Philippe Guilhem: The Innovation

The Mashandy Rings

The creation starts with the inpiration, love, emotions , it’s completely a handwork…simply an Art.

For his collection of Art rings named “Mashandy“, Philippe Guilhem took inspiration from primitive African Masks to the Bronze age.

It completely turn the way how you can wear rare and precious stones.

The beauty of the molten Bronze. He creates jewels with this ancestral material, another way to work and create a piece of Jewellery.

The Mashandy’s rings are all differents. With architectural structures and colourful precious stones, the pieces wear Bronze dresses

playing with different patine effects.

come and discover the collection made from Gold, Bronze and Precious stones at “Guilhem Joaillier.


Why Bronze ?

Indeed Bronze Jewelry is rich in history.

Did you know that « Bronze » was the first metal used to create jewelry ?

and there was an age named after it.

Furthermore, Bronze revolutionized human life which is why this period is known as the Bronze Age.

Besides, Stunning Arts and Craft relic times are a testament to the beauty of this metal.

Then, Bronze rings can make a statement as a simple band or as a shank for precious stones.

Certainly, It compliments all the stones.

In fact, because of it’s copper content, over time, Bronze tarnishes and develops a green Patina.
Moreover, sometimes, this patina is preserved and maintained as it can add a beautiful look to the vintage jewelry.


In the Mashandy Collection, every piece from the collection is unique. it’s an art work where they use different patina to create the top color of the Bronze.


By Nader Jaber